This Human Condition is a British electronic music duo formed in January 2015 by Jamie Jamal and Jason Lee Mince a.k.a (Mister Minchie) Performing in many Bristol venues including, Louisiana, The Fleece, Rough Trade, Crofters Rights, The Lanes, The Bierkeller & Hamilton House. The duo joined Teknofonic Recordings [] in May 2015 and released the EP 'Rise' on June 2nd, 2015 [] They began work on their debut album working with Moridcus, Insulin Junky, Stephen Howell, and Paul Whitrow. Their debut album 'Project Zero' [] was released on April 8th, 2016. Their first single Telepathic Heights released in June 2016 is about a riot that took place in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol in 2011. [] The second single Breaking The Code released on January 31st, 2017 [] a song about enigma codebreaker Alan Turing, coincidently released on the same day as thousands of gay men were pardoned for gross indecency in the UK. All releases are available on most digital and streaming platforms including Spotify [] Psychotropic (Lobotomy Mix) a track from Project Zero is featured on Teknofonic Essentials vol 1 released in April 2016 [] Telepathic Heights from Project Zero is featured on Vol 2 Released Dec 2016 []  Both compilation albums featuring various artist on the Teknofonic label. []

This Human Condition is mentioned in the Huffington Post as part of the album review[] The track 'Rise' has been played on BBC Radio6Music BBC introducing by Tom Robinson [] in June 2016 and featured on Tom's personal mixtape. Rusty Egan (Blitz Kid, Visage, Ultravox) has played 4 tracks from Project Zero on his Electronic Family Tree Radio Show [] Jim Gellatly has played Telepathic Heights and Breaking The Code on his radio show on Amazing Radio []  The duo ran 2 successful completed Pledge Music campaigns to help fund the making of their EP & LP [] & [] The duo consider themselves mostly a D.I.Y band and self-manage. Although the duo is signed to a small independent label this mostly means Teknofonic deal with the digital side of releases.

They have been playlisted by many community radio stations around the world including Amazing Radio, Channel Radio, Glastonbury FM, RKC Radio (France) Artefaktor Radio (Mexico) Radio Coolio (Canada) Valley Fm (Australia) 

TV - The Bristol Music Show.

Press including Huffington Post, Songwriting magazine, Electronic North, Essentially Pop and Shining Lights.






In the summer of 2017, This Human Condition performed at Glastonbury Festival and interviewed after on Worthy FM. As well as Rough Trade in Nottingham and Pride in Weston Super Mare. Breaking The Code was shortlisted for Listen up Britain and the duo performed it at Birthdays in Dalston, London. In 2018 the duo put out 3 new releases in March the  "Transcnetury" EP followed by the single 'Living For The Summertime' in June and the 'Normal People Are Crazy' EP in August. This Human Condition is included in the A-Z of Bristol Bands at the Bristol Music: Seven Decades Of Sound exhibition at the M-shed and hosted an electronic event called EMOM at Rough Trade in Bristol as well as performing the night was a great success and helped showcase the electronic community in Bristol. 

(Updated September 2019)

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Mixes released January 18th, 2019.

This Human Condition is back with a new calypso(tronica) inspired track called ‘Normal' including 3 remixes including the Nature of Wires remix, Time in Antarctica remix and the Wow Wow Robo remix.

Time In Antarctica Remix was played on

BBC6Music by Tom Robinson. (28/1/19)

Time in Antarctica Remix - voted for by readers of 'Fresh Faves'

Listen to their Soundcloud Playlist feating our track plus a great review of Normal on 'Fresh On The Net' 

Rusty Egan played the Nature of Wires remix on his Electronic Family Tree show (8/2/19)

Check out Normal videos for the remixes on this Youtube Playlist

BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 music

  Meeting Michael Eavis.

Jamie and his Mum met Michael Eavis on 12/6/18 in Bath. Mister-Minchie was there but too shy for a photo with the Legend. They presented Michael with a copy of their new single and told him it was about the excitement of going to his festival. Michael asked Jamie if he went to the festival in 2017? Jamie replied Yes I did, I also performed on the Mini Pyramid at Williams Green with my band. "Oh did you how marvellous", he said. 

Quote from Michael Eavis

"I'm Thrilled you have taken the trouble of writing a song about my festival"

A tribute to Chester Bennington of Linkin Park.

This Human Condition performed a tribute to Chester in London at an EMOM event (Aug 2017) and have been performing it ever since.

Numb was also recorded and featured on the Halloween Masquerade album put together by The Doncaster Electronic Foundation. You can download it for free HERE

Disco Bunny was premiered by Rusty Egan on Artefaktor Radio

Rusty Egan's latest radio show

Read a recent interview with365 Bristol This Human Condition are featured on Sounds of Bristol 2018 

Check out the Transcentury People playlist featuring all of the references in the title track Transcentury put together by Jamie & Minchie

An interview with This Human Condition

Mister Minchie and Jamie Jamal talking music. 

Catch up with the latest podcasts featuring This Human Condition onMixcloud

 Breaking The Code - Single Release.

This Human Condition’s second single from their debut album ‘Project Zero’ is set to a dark, twisting and introspective atmosphere with Erasure-esque soundscapes. Written on the day Alan Turing received a posthumous royal pardon, ‘Breaking The Code’ is a tribute to the enigma code breaker.

By strange Coincidence released on January 31st, 2017.

The Same day as thousands of gay people was pardoned for past convictions.

The release features two contrasting remixes from Sauerwelt and LPF. 

Breaking The Code is available on every platform including SpotifyiTunes, and Deezer.

As of May 18th, 2018 Rough Trade in Bristol will be selling This Human Condition's Music.

  ‘Living For The Summertime’

released 21st June 2018.

Available on every platform

Living For The Summertime is a Synth-Pop track all about heading down to worthy farm (Glastonbury Festival) In 2017 This Human Condition performed on the Mini Pyramid stage at Glastonbury Festival, this song is inspired by that experience and their love for early electronic music. 

“Living For The Summertime- Wow! Really nice tune boys!” Rusty Egan 

Listen to the single premiered on Rusty's Electronic Family Tree Show on Artefaktor Radio.
(played on his radio show 15/6/18)

BBC IntroducingTom Robinson has played 3 tracks by This Human Condition on his BBC6Music radio show. 

Tracks include

Normal - Played on BBC6Music on 28th January 2019. (around 45:30 in)

Night Is Gone - Played on BBC6Music on 24th September 2018 (around 07:47 minutes in.)

Rise - Played on BBC6Music on 27th June 2016 (around 52:13 in)


Pick n mix independent electronic duo from Bristol (UK) blending many different styles of electronic music. This Human Condition consists of Jamie Jamal and Misterminchie who formed in 2015 after meeting at a songwriting circle (set up by Minchie) they describe their sound as electronic handbag punk and has been described as early Depeche Mode meets a darker Erasure. Their track ‘Psychotropic’ was described as The Prodigy meets Boy George. With songs about Alan Turing, Poor Mental health, climate change and the LGBTQ+ community this brings a very 'human' element to their electronic sound and they are fun to watch live, expect performance art and projection. The duo has performed at Glastonbury Festival in 2017 and 2019 and been played several times on BBC6-Music by Tom Robinson on his BBC-Introducing radio show. DJ Rusty Egan (Blitz Kid, Visage, Ultravox) has been playing This Human Condition’s music on his electronic family tree show since 2016. The duo are involved in the underground electronic music scene (EMOM and We All Play Synth) putting on an electronic showcase at Rough Trade in Bristol with a passion for bring the electronic community together and was included in the A-Z of Bristol bands at the Seven Decades Of Sound exhibition at the M-Shed in Bristol in 2018. This Human Condition has performed around the UK with bands including Nature Of Wires, Twist Helix and Sombre Moon. Releases include Rise EP (2015) Project Zero LP (2016) Telepathic Heights - Single (2016) Breaking The Code - Single (2017) Transcentury EP (2018) Normal People Are Crazy EP (2018) Living For The Summertime  - Single (2018) Normal - Single (2019) The duo are currently on a mini-tour of the UK (Full Moon Tour) and working on new music set to be released in 2020.

The Transcentury EP (released 16/3/18)

Normal + Mixes 

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This Human Condition is back with a new EP  called Transcentury.
The result is 4 electronic tracks inspired by flamboyant characters. Transcentury is a made up word by the band, meaning people who are not afraid to be different and stand out from the crowd. The title track invites you into their world and lists the people and the albums they are inspired by and has a dance & experimental feel.  Disco bunny is a positive upbeat futuristic disco-inspired track about a street performer called Pablo who dresses up as 'The Disco Bunny’. Sapphire is atmospheric synth about a man on the streets of Bristol (UK) who dresses in women's clothing and looks like a carnival queen. 
Anthemic “Pride In All Of US’ is about LGSM activist Mark Ashton (Pride Movie) and is documentary in style. 

The Mark Ashton Trust shared a post about Pride In All Of Us.

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LGSM pinned a post about Pride In All Of Us to their twitter.

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Brash Magazine

Bristol-based ‘electronic pick n mix outfit’, This Human Condition are ‘Living for the Summertime’ with their Neo-Synth-Dance-Pop mélange, latest release. Cloud light, floating synth pads are contrasted and driven well by flanged up Linndrum style beat, evocative of iconic 80s tracks, like Prince’s mini-epic, ‘When Doves Cry’.

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Klef Notes

This Modern Electronic Punk track wonderfully blends Modern Punk surreal melodies with Classic Electronic instrumentation that feature a funky bassline, progressive synth chords, and magnetic electric drums.  This fusion keeps the power surged without any monotony settling into the track.  Jamie Jamal leads the track vocally strong with a nice forgiving effect that allows his voice to ebb while Mister-Minchie supports the track’s fancy-free effect with his artfully backing vocals. 

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