Headlining the Mini Pyramid at Glastonbury Festival 2017.

Harvesting Hope for Jack.

October 21st, 2016
This Human Condition has donated Brother Blue to the Harvesting Hope album set up to raise money for Jack Howard, a 12-year-old boy fighting cancer for the 2nd time and urgently needing treatment in L.A. Please buy the album, it's only £5 and features 45 tracks or you can just donate via the crowdfunding link below, either way, you will be helping Jack in his hour of need. 


Jamie also did a solo set.

This Human Condition release their debut album Project Zero

Available on all digital & streaming platforms worldwide including

Buy on iTunes 
Stream on Spotify

Go old school and buy Project Zero on CD

Paul Gilding - TED talk.

Track one on the Rise EP was inspired by a TED talk by Paul Gilding. This Human Condition sent him the song & video and he replied. 

March 2016 - Interviews 

DJ Rudy from the Bristol Street Map Show on BCfm interview Jamie & Mister Minchie talk about their debut album Project Zero. This interview was an hour long. They're hoping to find a recording of it 

May 2016

 Jim Gellatly played Telepathic Heights on is emerging talent show on Amazing Radio.

Read an interview THC did with George Ladds from Shining Lights.

Stokes Croft Gentrification 


Kaelyn Maehara, a local filmmaker in Stokes Croft and a grad student at UWE Bristol, made a 1 min film for her course on the gentrification of Stokes Croft through the eyes of a local musician, Jamie Jamal of This Human Condition. Watch the video and leave o comment on youtube.

#SaveHamiltonHouse #OurFuture

Pledge Music/Project Zero

This Human Condition's pledge music campaign for their debut album Project Zero, finished at 278% of their goal. They only needed to reach 100%. They would like to thank everyone who took part. 

July - November 2015

This human condition have been working on their debut album. All the songs are written and are in the mixing and mastering stage.

They say expect some new directions, hopefully it ready by early part of 2016. 

May 2nd, 2015.

​This Human Condition signed with Teknofonic Recordings in New York.  

Teknofonic is an independent label releasing mind-bending electronica.

Check out their artist page on the label.

Teknofonic Recordings

9th June 2015. 

Songwriting Magazine interview This Human Condition and review the Rise ep Read Here.

April 8th, 2016

​The Ironworks, Bristol.

This Human Condition supported  Justin Utley on April 8th 2016 at the ironworks in Bristol for a Pride fundraiser.

This was also the day Project Zero was released. 

This Human Condition performed at Glastonbury Festival, 2017.

Jamie and Misterminchie performed on the Mini Pyramid stage at William's Green on Thursday 22nd June. Lisa Groves did a live Facebook feed of "Breaking The Code"  Jamie performed a solo set on Saturday 24th then on Sunday 25th, the boys were interviewed live on Worthy Fm.  

April 8th, 2016.

Oct 2016/ Madonna Cover

This Human Condition was given the challenge to record a cover of an iconic song. They chose Holiday by Madonna. It's very different and almost reinvented. It will feature on the album, A Fourth Masquerade put together by the Doncaster Electronic Foundation (DEF) free to download the entire album on 31st October 2016 via DEFSYNTH.COM or click on the links below. 

Read a review http://essentiallypop.com/epop/2016/11/essential-covers-this-human-condition-holiday-madonna-cover

Telepathic Heights - Single release. ​

The first single Telepathic Heights is taken from the debut album Project Zero.

Released. June 28th, 2016.
Available on all digital & streaming platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud & Beatport.

Video: youtu.be/U-H97Ephoyg


BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson on 6 music

BBC Introducing - BBC6 Music

Tom Robinson Introduced This Human Condition on his BBC-introducing show on BBC6 Music Radio and featured Rise on his 'Personal Choice' Mixtape 

Huffington Post Mention.

Teknofonic the independent label for This Human Condition release their first Teknofonic Essentials Vol. 1.  Featuring some of the artist on the label.

This Human Condition are on this compilation (Track 6) They also get a mention in the Huffington Post for the album review. Released April 14th 2016.

Click link below to read.  

March 2018 - This Human Condition is back with a new EP 'Transcentury'

The result is 4 electronic tracks inspired by flamboyant characters. Transcentury is a made up word by the band, meaning people who are not afraid to be different and stand out from the crowd. The title track invites you into their world and lists the people and the albums they are inspired by and has a dance & experimental feel. Disco Bunny is a positive upbeat futuristic disco-inspired track about a street performer called Pablo who dresses up as 'The Disco Bunny’. Sapphire is atmospheric synth about a man on the streets of Bristol (UK) who dresses in women's clothing and looks like a carnival queen. Anthemic “Pride In All Of US’ is about LGSM activist Mark Ashton (Pride Movie) and is documentary in style. Buy The Transcentury EP Here

July 2015

Performing at The Fleece in Bristol. 

November 13th, 2015.

THC headlined the trans/forms event at Hamilton House, Stokes Croft, Bristol.


January 18th, 2016.

THC entered the Emerging Talent Competition at Glastonbury Festival 2016. 

They don't win but attend the festival anyway.

Read a review of Project Zero by Shuffl Communications.

Rise ep reviewed by Brian Inglis.

November 30th, 2014

This Human Condition is invited to Support The Layers at The Louisiana in Bristol. This is one of their early performances together as This Human Condition. 

THIS HUMAN CONDITION is followed on twitter by New Order, Boy George & BBC6 Music.

Rusty Egan played Breaking The Code & Psychotropic on his Electronic Family Tree Show on 19th August, going out live on Radio stations & podcasts throughout the world.

Rusty has now played 4 tracks from Project Zero including Telepathic Heights & Brother Blue

June 2nd, 2015. 

The Rise EP is released on all digital & streaming platforms.

through Teknofonic.

CD's are released through the band's website

May 2016

Rusty Egan played Brother Blue on his show. Listen here (around 1:18:48)

December 2017.

You Might Not Like This [YMNLT] have teamed up with Martin Christie - the founder of the nationwide Electronic Music Open Mic [EMOM] - to bring you this one-off physical release, featuring many of the acts that have graced the EMOM nights. Including Psychotropic by This Human Condition, Performed by the boys in Nottingham at Rough Trade. 

You can purchase the album though Piccadilly Records or Bandcamp

January 15th 2016 


This Human Condition get their new video Psychotropic featured on The Bristol Music Show on Made In Bristol TV.

Here's the full episode. 

May 2015

This Human Condition performed at the Bierkeller in Bristol for Battle of The Bands to win a slot at Bristol Pride 2015

THC sent a song they wrote about Gender Dysphoria to Jordan Gray, who was on

The Voice UK.

Here's what she replied. Dysphoria is featured on their debut album Project  Zero.

August/September 2016

Read an Interview This Human Condition did with Electronic North.

(A blog celebrating electronic music culture, from the North of the UK and beyond)


May 2017 / Interview

Read an interview Jamie from This Human Condition did with Our Queer Art.